Wireless Services

Wombo, Inc. provides Wireless Service using the latest technologies being offered through major innovative technology companies in the industry.

Our systems provide Hotspots, Fault Tolerant Mesh Networks, and Last Mile Internet connectivity to both remote and densely populated areas. The efficient and timely manner in which our services are executed are best in class in our industry. As a result of our deployment procedures, installs can be completed in days, instead of months.

Our solutions provide last mile connectivity, and allows for a variety of applications such as: Secure Wireless LAN (WDS), Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, Media Streaming, Web Hosting, Virtual Private Networks, High-Speed Internet and Emailing using flexible and scalable bandwidth.

Our "always on" connection affords you speeds up to 100 Megs, so feel free to download files, video conference or host your own cloud services. It's all up to you!

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HotSpots Mesh Networks
  Hotels to Coffee shops   Redundancy and Speed
  • Open or Voucher Based Systems
  • Paypal Integration
  • Captive Portals
  • Managed Firewall and VPNs
  • Technical Support Included

  • Fully Monitored
  • Self-Healing System
  • Infinitely Expandable
  • Managed Firewall and VPNs
  • Technical Support Included

Last Mile Broadband Wireless Ultra High-Speed Microwave
  • Fully Monitored
  • Scalable Speeds
  • Expandable Anytime
  • Managed Firewall and VPNs
  • Technical Support Included

  • *Distance limitations may apply.
  • Fully Monitored
  • Business Class Service
  • Low Latency and Jitter
  • Managed Firewall and VPNs
  • Technical Support Included

  • *Some devices may require additional installation fees.
Additional Business Services
  • Managed eMail, Calendar, and Collaboration systems
  • Document Sharing and Synchronization
  • Static IP Addresses and Reverse DNS
  • Virus and Network Security
  • Wired LAN/Inside Wiring
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