Prudent Way pwi ac120le Notebook
Prudent Way 120W AC Power Adapter

Features Output Power (Max.) 120W Overload Protection Yes Fanless No noise Short Circuit Protection Yes Line Regulation +5% Load Regulation +5% Switching Mode Universal switching-mode power adapter for notebooks and LCDs Special Connectors 11 Piec

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Prudent Way ac90
Prudent Way 90W Cube Adapter

Prudent Way 90W Cube Adapter

  • 14 tips included to fit almost all notebooks and LCD models
  • Full power protection, overload and short circuit protection
  • 2 USB ports (1A/2A) for charging MP3s, cell phones, iPods(1A), iPhones(1A), iPads(2A) and more
  • Fanless, no noise, and an LED voltage indication light
  • Smart design enables users to select from 12V to 24V to fit specific notebook and LCD needs
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