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iPhone Repair

iPhone Screen Replace

┬áLaptops Plus West is your local iPhone repair specialist no matter where you are in San Diego. We have 3 stores conveniently located throughout San Diego County; Carlsbad, Santee, and Chula Vista. We’re your one stop repair shop for all your iPhone repair needs. With a scheduled appointment, most iPhone repairs can be┬ádone in less than an hour. Give us a call at 1-888-735-2786, or email to schedule your iPhone repair. You can also bring your iPhone in to any one of our locations.


iPhone Repairs

  • Home Button Repair

  • Screen Replacement

  • Damaged LCD Screen Replacement

  • Battery Replacement

  • Charging Port Repair

  • Power Button Repair

  • Rear iPhone Camera Repair

  • Headphone Jack Repair

  • Ear Speaker Repair

  • Ringer Repair

  • Microphone Repair

  • Volume and Mute Button Repair

  • Vibrator Repair


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Definition of Repairs

Home Button Repair;

iPhone home button is hard to push, sticks, or doesn’t work.

Screen Replacement;

Screen needs replacing due to cracks.

LCD Screen Replacement;

Images can’t be seen on-screen , or shows discoloration, stripes, or big chunks of glass missing.

Battery Replacement;

When you start seeing signs of a diminishing battery, or your phone needing to be charged more often.

Charging Port Repair;

When your phone is unable to maintain a charge, hold cables properly, or connect to other devices.

Power Button Repair;

If your power button isn’t registering a press because the flex cable underneath has become worn down and too thin.

Rear iPhone Camera Replacement;

Camera won’t focus or leaves a dot on every photo

Headphone Jack Repair;

Headphone jack becomes damaged through usage or when exposed to moisture, difficultly in connecting with auxiliary speakers.

Ear Speaker Replacement;

Having trouble hearing phone calls using your ear speaker, or it sounds distorted.

Ringer Replacement;

Ringer on iPhone doesn’t ring anymore or the speaker sounds distorted.

Microphone Replacement;

If you can’t be heard when talking to someone during a phone call.

Volume and Mute Button Repair;

If your volume and mute buttons are unresponsive, feel jammed or your volume adjusts itself without touching any buttons.

Vibrator Repair;

When your phone doesn’t vibrate anymore.


If you think you may need one of these repairs, bring your iPhone in today for a free diagnostics. 10% off if you mention this ad.